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DiSC Classic Behaviour Preference Profiling

Psychometric assessments are used in identifying behaviour and personality preferences.

Do you often find it difficult to work with people who:

  • Always wants too much detail
  • Have no sense of time
  • Are blunt, take risks and shortcuts
  • Struggle to achieve quality standards
  • Are reluctant to make decisions
  • Often miss deadlines
  • Get distracted with fun and variety and often not complete work

You will find the answers to these questions and more by using the DISC Behaviour Profiling system.

We can work with you one-on-one or take your team through the process. After participating with the online tool we can debrief face-to-face, in a team environment or remotely by using a ZOOM or Skype session. Contact us for more information on the options available. Yes, we can also offer discounts for bulk bookings.

Biznorth is certified in using a number of instruments to identify behaviours and to assist in gaining positive interaction and outcomes with this comprehensive analysis. The data collected is treated in-confidence and the results are purely based on the participant responding to the process.

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