Coaching – The Principal Wellbeing Package


This package is specifically designed for School Principals and Assistant Principals who are under immense workload, including catering to staff, student and parent needs, financial management, standards, HR, legal and a whole lot more.
Your role is to engage others into the vision, providing strong leadership and at the same time conduct and apply business processes and thinking. It can be a lonely journey and who can you trust?
Having someone to give you 100% of our attention, support and to provide suggestions can greatly increase your resilience and skill set. We are adult educators who have worked in universities and in primary, secondary and TAFE organisations, so we know what you are dealing with. Choosing to work with us will bring to you our skills in Human Resources Leadership/Management and Business Strategy.
A calm mind makes great decisions. Let us show you how to calm your mind and increase your skills for transformational leadership.

Package information:

  • Sessions can be Skype, face to face or phone.
  • The package includes complimentary email support.

Your first session of one hour, face to face = $165
Then follow-up sessions, four x 40-minute sessions at $135 each

You can pay in advance and purchase all four follow-up sessions for $490 (saving of $50)

Total package cost: $655 per person

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