Business Success for Couples


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Business Success for Couples – Annette & Douglas Gillanders

If you are seeking personal freedom, considering going into business, or are already in business with your life partner this is the book you need to provide a step-by-step guide to success.

Why do you want to go into business? Can you work together with your partner? Who will wear the pants, take the risks, and make the tough decisions? As you build your business together and fall in and out of love with it, you will explore several challenges that will test your business and relationship. Read this book at any chapter or section that will support you in your current stage of business because the longer you delay, the more your profit is running away.

Business Success for Couples will take you through our journey of sixteen years in business together. We are sharing with you what we found along the way and offer to you our insights, whether you are starting out or have been in business for some time.

We wish we had this book when we started out in our business, but are pleased it will help you in this point of your business. It is simple to follow and down to earth with some fascinating aspects you might have considered but brushed aside. Sound familiar? Well, yes, starting a business is a little like the first few months of marriage.

We will take you on a journey of understanding not just your business/life partner, but yourself. When you understand yourself, you can better understand those you work with. Your expectations, communication style, and behavioural preference are key components of who you are, your motivations, tenacity, and business vision. Together with your partner, you will become a power couple with a successful business.


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