3 Day Modern Hypnosis Certification – Anything is Possible


3 Day Modern Hypnosis Certification

I know you are wondering…What is Hypnosis Training? 

Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to be effective in creating change in certain repetitive behaviours including smoking and weight loss, stress reduction, motivation and pain control. Our accelerated hypnosis training course is excellent for anyone who wants to learn hypnotherapy with a maximum of “hands-on” experience. Over the course of our hypnosis training you will be guided through the Basic Hypnotherapist training by one of our top instructors, using “hands-on” practice, lecture, and discussion.

Is Hypnosis really what you have always believed it is? 

Join us for a 3 day course in Modern Hypnosis and find out for yourself.

What to Expect from the Hypnotherapy Certification Weekend program?

During the Hypnosis Training, You’ll Learn Effective Hypnosis Techniques to:

  • Change Your Life and Assist Others to Change Theirs
  • Create Effective Suggestions to Use In Hypnosis
  • Create Powerful Motivation for Change
  • Stop Overeating
  • Stop Smoking
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Record onto CD or Digital Audio
  • Use Hypnosis Legally and Ethically to Create Change

This certification program includes: 

  • Mostly Hands-On Practice right from the start
  • Learn by Practice Not From Watching DVD’s
  • Supervision by an Experienced Hypnotherapist and Certified Trainer 
  • Interviewing Techniques to Determine the Suggestions Necessary for Best Result
  • Suggestibility Testing
  • Inductions
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions

You will find that you can use hypnosis successfully after only one weekend. 

If you want to receive your hypnotherapy certification, all you need to do is work through our suggested reading, and complete a written test at home and send it back to us within 2 months of completing your hypnosis training. If you have any questions, you can always call us.

Learn New Ways to Accomplish Your Goals 

If you are a parent, you will find that this is an eye-opener. If you are a therapist, you will wonder why you did not learn this earlier. If you are a health-care professional you will find that your practice goes more easily and smoothly. And “IF” you are just interested in Hypnosis, you will love this weekend training.

Fri 20, Sat 21 & Sun 22 March 

8-30 am to 6-30 pm


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