ValentineOnly last week, when a stranger overheard me say that I work with my husband, again I heard “Oh gosh, I could never work with my husband” for the thousandth time (ok I exaggerate). But even so, working with your partner doesn’t have to be what you think. It makes me ask the question, have you ever worked with your significant other half? Living at home in the way we do is not a full picture of what it is like to work together. But if there are cracks in the relationship to start with, for example, trust, misalignment of values, vision, expectations or money; then being in business is likely to widen the gap. There are so many variations of couples that work together.

At least three of my couple coaching clients have booked their Valentine Dinner to celebrate working with their significant other. You might say it’s commercialism, but you know that for couples who are in business together, making the effort to go out to dinner is no mean feat. There is always too much else to do and the last thing left to do is the relationship (remember those cracks).

I am not a Valentines must-do type person, but I really like the opportunity to feel the appreciation of what our relationship brings to our business, which is our combined success.

Our success comes in all sorts of forms, least of all our bank account. For me, success is the ability to enjoy my work and those including clients that I work with. The opportunity to see others succeed and to share and enjoy this with my husband. I love the freedom of decision making in business and to be able to travel and enjoy new places together.

Your business valentine should be appreciated and respected for all that they do even though at times you want to get physical with them but not in a nice way (wink wink). Both of you work hard and you achieve some triumphs that no one else will understand.

Why do people say that they couldn’t work with their partner? Well, I kind of think that one of them annoys the other too much to be around them that often or that they don’t do what they want them to do as often as they want.
It could also be that they are so impatient with the other and that the single thing that they fell in love with is the single thing that now drives them bat#%@it crazy and they just find it frustrating that they can’t change that. So, they are not nice to them. Look we have days like that but it should be for that just a day. If it continues then you should be seeking some assistance. Interesting isn’t it, how we can be attracted to something that sends us crazy after a few years of living together.

So, I am using valentine’s day to say thank you to my business partner and husband for being so good at what you do that helps me be the best I can be even though your eye to detail drives me crazy as much as my inability to save a document in the correct folder drives you crazy.

My business valentine, I do appreciate you, your skill and kindness that you always have for me. Having you away at the moment really makes me appreciate you, so come on home soon. Our computer system and I are not the same without you.